Khonsu strives to make it easy and quick to pay local dues. Dues, besides helping to keep the body running, allows for entry into numerous private events throughout the year.

The cheapest and easiest way to pay dues is to use PayPal below. You can save money by paying in advance for additional months. 

For any questions or concerns about paying local or national dues, please contact khonsu.master@oto-usa.org.

Pay Dues:

(Monthly: $25 + $1.01 PayPal fee)

(Biannual: $130 for 6 months (includes PayPal fee))

Buy 6 months for the price of 5. One month free.

(Annual: $230 for 12 months (includes PayPal fee))

Buy 12 months for the price of 9. Three months free.

Affiliate Membership:

(non-local): $10 per month


We accept donations

PayPal Info:

Send all payments for dues or donations to: Khonsu.Dues@oto-usa.org

"The sin which is unpardonable is knowingly and wilfully to reject truth, to fear knowledge lest that knowledge pander not to thy prejudices."

- Aleister Crowley, Magick: Liber Aba: Book 4